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Six defendants in a weight-loss franchise fraud will be lighter by $6.7 million after refusing to defend themselves against claims from frustrated franchisees, a federal judge ruled.
U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon ordered Bouari International Franchise, A New ME, A New Me Business, Bouari's Closet, Carol Ann Chaney and Franchise Growth Systems to pay a total of $6,656,495 in damages, plus punitive damages.

The business names listed above were created by Emile Bouari but unfortunately for the consumer the proven scam is still alive and well.

Emile Bouari is facing various federal charges for money laundering and his weight loss companies Bouari Clinics, Denovo Clinics, A New me, are out of business. BUT, he created another company and moved to Florida. It is called Weight Loss Company LLC out of Sunny Isles Florida and has two known websites, one of them is
There are also other websites and business names that are using the exact same weight loss protocol and the same products and even the exact same before and after customer testimonials that the Bouari Clinics created several years ago. AND, These websites are identical to another company based out of Las Vegas using the same WLC named, products, and customer testimonials.

It only makes common since that if Bouari Clinics are Fraudulent than any other business name that is promoting the same programs, same products and using the same marketing materials should also be considered fraudulent also. The Court Case makes that pretty clear.

*************************BUYER BEWARE****************************

The recent Nevada 6.7 million dollar Default Judgment against the founders of The Bouari & Denovo clinics proves conclusively their weight loss program and marketing is a 100% scam

See the link to the judgment notice below.

Do your own due diligence, search the various names of WLC and visit YOUTUBE and watch the videos that were created by Bouari Clinics, A NEW ME and DENOVO Clinics, Franchise Growth Systems, Bouari's Closet, etc.. They are all the same! It is actually very easy to tie everything together.

I heard from a very good source that State and Federal authorities are aware of these other various named companies that are NOT named here. Another interesting point; I also heard that a major Television investigative reporter is creating a Consumer Investigative Report that will be aired shortly. So in a reasonable amount of time these companies that are running the same weight loss program but with different names will be facing their own legal issues.

After legal authorities put a stop to these fraudulent business activities, we will update this article with the additional named companies.

John Phillips is the founder and editor of  since 2005
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