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Hi to everyone,

Well, it's hot and colorful here in Southwestern Pennsylvania! The birds are swimming in the bird bath, and enjoying seeds from the Delphinium and other flowers. This morning, there were two new birds that sang very loud and joyful. One was furry as a little black and white penquin and its mate had slick shiny black feathers. I never saw these kinds of birds before.

I imagine that everyone is getting the "Get Windows 10 now" messages. I have gotten them for many months and always put it off. Day before yesterday, I was having trouble with my Norton anti-virus, so decided I may as well take a chance and see if the download would go through. After almost three hours, it was on my computer without giving me a headache.

I don't know what I did to fix the Norton, but it ended up with the green and white check mark so all is well with it.

Windows has a Cortana we can ask anything, like Nuvi or Siri. I don't have a microphone hooked up so I just type my question and she finds where I can go to get the answer. There are some things I can't find, like the "tools" and how to make the page smaller or larger. But, I found that by right clicking the start button, I can get access to my system and the control panel.

There's also a free "defender" that people use as their anti-virus. I guess I think that if I don't pay a bunch for it, it won't protect my computer. I want to find out for sure before July 10th when I'll be charged $89 for the virus protection I have now.

I think the point of my entire message is that if I can do it, everyone can download Windows 10 and be happy with it. It's still out of my comfort zone, but I have to say it's new and fun.

Many patriotic days are coming up. Remember to thank the veteran near to you because we're free. There are also many unhappy things happening right now, too. They are sad and make us cry.

We have a new baby **great** granddaughter! Yes, we do! Her name is Emerie and she is simply gorgeous. She is our Katie's baby, remember Kate? She's the one beside the Sunflower in my photo gallery. She grew up to be a phenomenal young woman.

Have a happy July 4th holiday, and be safe.

Best Wishes,


I have an obsession with learning about life and then writing about the smallest of blessings which makes one happy and yet I know these blessings are many times overlooked.


Anyone who knows me knows that I love to learn what works the best for our lives and our health!

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