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Hello Friends,

It's that time of year again where I am waiting impatiently for the frogs to sing their beautiful songs. We are supposed to have some sunny days here in Pennsylvania with temps reaching highs of 69 and 70.

Like everyone else, we have the normal aches and pains but look at life as enthusiastically as we can and view each second as a gift. My brother passed away, twin sisters have each had some surgeries, my beloved husband, Eddie is battling his diabetes with 4 insulin shots every day. Our granddaughter, Katie is having a baby girl in May. She lost her little baby, Liam Paul, which was devastating to the entire family. The baby's name will be Emerie.

My husband and I had our first cold since 1999 these last two weeks. I have to say that it wasn't fun and I'm not used to feeling bad. I don't want another one for another 17 years.

Eddie is going to plant a garden in a large mound of dirt outside the house. I told him to put the smallest growing plants on the top and then encircle it with tomato plants.

We also have a stray big black cat that comes for dinner almost every day around 4:00. Aster watches him out the kitchen window while sitting on her high stand. Then, if he moves, she flies through the kitchen into my room and watches him out my bedroom window.

It's nice talking to everyone again and I wish you all many blessings. Remember the veteran who lives down the street.


I have an obsession with learning about life and then writing about the smallest of blessings which makes one happy and yet I know these blessings are many times overlooked.


Anyone who knows me knows that I love to learn what works the best for our lives and our health!

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