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It's really difficult to say goodbye after writing on this site for almost 11 years. Things happen,... people get older, times and interests change, and people move on.

John and BabyC are moving on, and I want to say goodbye to everyone I met while writing. It has been a pleasure to have the freedom to write when we felt like it. Thank you for making this site available to all of us, John.

Remember Jezebel? She was 12 years old and we had to take her to the veterinarian to be put to sleep just a week or so ago on February 16, 2017. Today, we received a sympathy card from the doctor and her staff with everyone writing a note about how sorry they were and they knew we would miss her so much. When I saw the card and read their notes all I could do was cry.

Life happens to everyone. We lose beloved people and beloved pets and miss them terribly.

Sending best wishes to everyone.


I have an obsession with learning about life and then writing about the smallest of blessings which makes one happy and yet I know these blessings are many times overlooked.


Anyone who knows me knows that I love to learn what works the best for our lives and our health!

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